Five Weeks In

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Written halfway through my summer internship in Berlin.

It’s a shock, but at this point I’m more than halfway through my internship. Soon, I’ll have to start dismantling the fledgling routine I’ve only just started to establish for myself — getting up, eating, biking to work, trying to stop sweating before I step into the lobby, working, then repeating the whole thing in reverse. I’ll have to sell my purple secondhand bike back to the shop, mail excess belongings home (neither pair of heels have been touched), and buy a backpack for the next leg of my European travels.

What have I done so far? I’ve had incredible beer. I’ve frequently gotten lost on my bike, both accidentally and deliberately. I’ve attended countless fitness classes that I got through not by successfully understanding the instructor’s rapid-fire Deutsch, but through a strategy that I like to call quick,-mimick-that-girl’s-asana. I’ve bopped in clubs to wordless music, dressed head-to-toe in black.

In Dresden I hiked, picnicked, and spent too long in the Hygiene Museum. In Copenhagen I walked 30km each day through the narrow streets and squeezed into a three-tier hostel bunk bed each night. I was led through sketchy bushes and old shipping crates as part of a photography festival, one which has inspired me to put “make ethnographic films” on my to-do list. I also saw a morbid but hilariously crude ballet performance about death. In Salzburg I escaped Salzburg and hiked through Berchtesgaden instead. I’ve been approached by more strangers than ever before, and I’ve worked up the nerve to talk to more strangers than ever before.

Below are some photos from various stints in various places.

Woman on a bench outside the Kunstquartier Bethanien. I take a lot of pictures of strangers, and maybe that makes me a freak. But I find people are so much more interesting than landmarks or buildings. I always notice if a lady is wearing a bright yellow hat or is eating ice cream on a grotty park bench or whatever, and I always find it absurdly photographable. Idk guys, people are beautiful.

Two Views of Salzburg. At the entrance to the Mirabell Gardens I took the first picture, turned 180 degrees around and took the second picture. It’s always funny how people flock.

Deceptive Photo of The Most Touristy Street in Salzburg. I like to play a game called Can I Make It Look Like I’m The Only Tourist Here?

Copenhagen Child. God, I am so weird.

This is the best brunch buffet I have ever been to. There was such a variety of food: salads, cake and brownie slices, vegan scrambled eggs, amazing quiches, chili, deliciously crispy mini pancakes and hot compote, strawberry polenta, orange/vanilla-lavender chia pudding, yoghurts, little glass jars of thick mousses, various dips, warm bread rolls and pretzels, vegan charcuterie and cheeses. Wow, I died. I’m really not the kind of person that starves themselves to go to a buffet and binges on twenty plates, so I was pretty surprised at myself when I just couldn’t help but keep eating and trying EVERYTHING. It was all so fresh and perfectly seasoned and tasty. I went through seven plates…

Service was great, too. Sure, initially I had to wait a while to get a table because the girl seating guests was on the phone having a slow conversation and wouldn’t look me in the eye, which was rude, but the waiter that I ended up getting was incredibly polite, friendly, and whisked my plates away regularly so that I didn’t have to st